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About Nimble

Nimble Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd is a team of experienced software developers, with expertise in different technical domains. All of the company members have bachelor’s or master’s degrees and are at least two years of experience in the software development field. Team members possess a wide range of backgrounds – from software development, sales and marketing, training and implementation.

Nimble Soft Solutions, they each bring a depth of talent and knowledge to the company. Our team spirit and the company’s management expertise and support are successfully combined with creativity, a dedication to work, and a development culture to produce solid, effective software results. Our commitment is to continuing to provide the highest quality to our clients.

We are committed to our customer's needs: We work to understand our customer's present and future needs, we continuously act to meet and exceed their expectations, and to be the systems and solutions provider of their choice.

We are performance and quality driven: We strive to improve and excel, through continuously innovation and we combine our experience and expertise to offer unparalleled quality products and services.

We value our people and business partners: We recognize individual and team performance, we value fairness in all our dealings with people, we subscribe to the principles of openness, integrity and accountability, and we invest in the ongoing development of our skills.

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